Getting a Real Estate License in ARIZONA

Click here to download the AZ Checklist PDF


If you are getting your real estate license in the state of Arizona - it is important to note that there are several steps required both before and after you finish your courses that need to be accomplished in order to be eligible to apply.

As I always recommend to each prospective student, the first place to start is always your states real estate official website. Typically this website ends in a ".gov" but unfortunately isn't the case for ALL states. Luckily, I have already hyperlinked the exact website for you in the checklist PDF above. 

All states generally have the same series of steps that are required to obtain your license, however, some arranged in different orders of operation. 

My biggest advice is to spend some time on the official website and read thoroughly all of the handouts, outlines, and information posted on these websites.

A VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER: make sure the real estate pre-licensing course you choose is APPROVED by your state. There is nothing worse then spending time and money on a course that you complete and find out your application is denied because it is not an approved education provider.

Aceable Agent is my #1 recommended online course provider. Unfortunately, they are not available for ALL states in the U.S. but they are for Arizona! Their curriculum has gone through the approval process for Arizona and has been deemed a state approved provider. Aceable Agent is a very easy-to-use, self-paced and well organized course and it is my favorite to recommend to students.

Don't forget to enroll in the course using the link in the PDF or on any of my social media accounts so that a 25% off discount will be applied to your course package of your choosing at checkout!

As always, if you have any questions you can email me (this is the easiest way to get a response) as my DM's on social are usually flooded.

Happy studying! 

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